screen and platform

"A Virtual Events Team"

Working with industry experts in events delivery, live broadcasting, immersive shows and interactive entertainment, imersU have developed an entire frontend UI and backend server system. The objective was to enable a user, with no experience, to very quickly navigate through all the content options and display that content within a matter of seconds.

In addition to displaying the main content, with or without the augmented multi-sensory experiences, other features are easily accessed such as interactive mirror walls, bespoke lighting states and remote video links to bring external trainers into the space and guide an experience.

features and tools for an immersive experience

Features and Tools for an Immersive Experience

Intuitive User Interface

Tablet UI and Platform Server

An Integrated System​

The imersU Platform is supported by multiple Graphics cards with resolution capabilities of 4 x 4K or 8K and 33 million pixels.

It can communicate with any DMX based control system to integrate other immersive technologies to enhance the experience – such as the imersU lighting system and scent system.

Using the latest NDI technology, the imersU platform is able to seamlessly connect multiple servers and content sources to collectively deliver a multi-sensory experience.

Infinitely Scalable

Our proprietary Immersive Gym media servers are designed to deliver infinitely scalable content, enabling you to push creative boundaries and captivate your audience. The IG Platform has a versatile 8 channel audio engine, allowing integration with analogue, digital and Dante enabled audio systems of any size.

Expert Community

Through the imersU community and partner network, you can source the best technical and creative talent in the industry to realise an immersive visual and sensory experience. Work with Masters in their field to explore immersive experiences around wellness, fitness, connected fitness, body tracking and so much more.

immersive gym rack server

Introduce new experiences everyone will talk about.

As well as tapping into existing fitness and wellness content providers, imersU can work with you to create truly unique and differentiating immersive experiences that won’t be available outside of imersU. imersU can create content that can be connected to hardware.