About imersU

The current cutting edge imersU Platform is based on a vision that Charles Pearce the founder had over 10 years ago.

Realising how much more satisfying exercising indoors could be if the same immersive experience as outdoors could be reproduced, imersU have created a unique ultra-wide Platform, the only one of its kind, to bring the fully immersive experience to you, whether running, rowing, gaming, driving an F1 car, or relaxing and gaming.

Immerse yourself using our Platform and the latest screen and display technology.

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immersive gym virtual fitness
An immersive experience, projected in ultra-wide on three sides of the room
video call with instructor immersive gym
Bring your favourite teacher into the room with you, no matter where they are based.

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The History of IMERSU

*Immersive Gym changed it’s trading name to imersU in 2024. The journey for imersU started over 10 years ago when training for a 1,000 mile charity cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats in the UK. “Like many of my friends I had hit a certain age when I realised the importance of keeping fit and healthy in order to live a longer and healthier life and be around to see my family grow. Physical activity (PA) is recognised as a key contributor to a healthy body and mind but, like many I found most indoor training options were not that engaging and didn’t motivate me to train regularly”. When, 10 years later, this hadn’t been addressed and the technology now existed to create and display immersive and engaging fitness content, I decided to start imersU. The imersU experience is inspired by training for that original ride and every challenge I have set for myself since that time. I hope that the imersU experience can help many others find the motivation to exercise and live longer, healthier lives.

Charles – Founder