The Three Senses

imersU makes every fitness & wellness experience the best it can be by optimising the way content is displayed, bringing a consistent visual experience every time. And the technology can be used for activities beyond fitness & wellness. 

Sight - Sense No 1

See the world in ultra-wide

An immersive experience pulls a viewer into another real or imagined world, enabling them to manipulate and interact with their environment.

lmmersive experiences use a blend of visuals, sound and technology to deliver unforgettable and engaging worlds.

lmmersive experiences begin at 80°, Headsets achieve 1 30°, imersU delivers a minimum 220° field of view. This matches a human’s extreme field of view.


Using the latest technology in ultra-short throw projection or hi-res LED screens, imersU creates a space in which the image completely encapsulates the user.

Light - A Subconscious Role in Our Emotions

When considering any artificially immersive space it is key not only to consider the visual media on the walls, but also connect the ceiling space and overall illumination into the environment.

A truly immersive environment should manipulate the lighting to emulate what is happening in any live media, but also have the ability to create a natural lighting effect that truly mimics sunlight, giving the user a sense of being outdoors in the relevant experiences.

Image & Light

The Light Experience

Created in partnership with


imersU has collaborated with Ideaworks to create the
imersU Lighting Experience

The two key physical elements of the Immersive lighting experience are Colux Light Panels and circular LED light panels.

Ceiling Light Panels

For use with content from Sun to Moonlight

Ceiling daylight and moonlight panels and LED Light Panels

Circular Acoustic LED Light Panels

The carefully positioned sound absorbing panels assist the room acoustics, whilst benefit the 

space aesthetically by breaking up the ceiling design.

The LED panels create pockets for the ‘sunlight’ to shine through, whilst integrating tuneable white and coloured light for subliminal indirect lighting.

The settings are flexible with the light changing colour and tone to mirror the content on the walls.

The imersU creative lighting experience is controlled within the imersU Platform to create an optimised experience for every piece of content.

Hearing - Sense No 2

lmmersive audio provides a powerful sense of envelopment and realism that brings visual content to life in a way that’s just not possible with traditional audio formats.

Also known as ‘spatial audio’, ‘3D audio’ or ‘360 ° audio’, immersive audio makes use of multiple channels to completely surround the listener in two, three or more ‘layers’.


Sound - Hear the world in ultra-wide.

Carefully positioned speakers ensure the sonic experience compliments and enhances the visual offering, allowing the user to be transported to another place entirely.

Invisible wall speakers as well as directional ceiling mounted units create a truly immersive experience and are set out in relation to the projector or LED hardware selected.

Smell - Sense No 3

We use all of our senses to understand and interpret the world around us.
Sensory input- sight, sound, smell, taste and touch- power our most instinctive reactions to the context of our environment. When any one of these does not match up with the others, we begin to subconsciously poke holes in our surroundings, including digital worlds.

Scent - Layered sensory immersion

Working with an expert partner, Immersive Gym has designed a simple but effective scent delivery system that brings another layer of immersion to the user.

Scent stored in remote capsules is discreetly delivered into the space via compressors and air amplifying nozzles located in the ceiling.

Whether rowing on a lake at dawn or taking a yoga class in the evening sun, scent will help transport the user to their chosen environment.

Scent Experience

imersU has collaborated with industry leaders to create the imersU Scent Experience

The imersU Scent Experience is based around a nozzle and compressor system that injects in to the space. The Compressor is located away from the studio.

The imersU Scent Experience is controlled via the imersU Platform and is automated and relates to the content being displayed.



cut grass scent





Examples of use: Yoga Classes, Mindfulness & Meditation, Gong Baths/Binaural Beats, Selected Fitness Classes and Rowing.